Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I told you I would!

There's a first time for everything. After more than two weeks of living at the farmhouse, I finally did something resembling FARMING today!

This last an hour or two, and then degenerated into a contest to see who could throw an over-ripe zucchini the farthest. For more pictures and narrative, see the ATFP blog.

After all that was over -- another first. While preparing a refreshing cucumber-cantelope-yogurt-mint-honey-dill beverage, I snuck a sliver of cucumber, and realized it was still warm from growing and being in the sun.


  1. 3 things...

    so how much alcohol did you add to that cucumber-cantaloupe-yogurt-mint-honey-dill beverage of yours? ;-)

    i came across a couple op-eds in the nytimes that made me think of you and kat (please inform her for me, thanks).

    (description: space-age urban farming [think, jetsons meet brave new world]. it will blow your mind. pros & cons; my verdict is not yet out; not sure what ishmael would have to say on it)

    (hay-cation - thought it might make you guys feel better about not getting paid for what you're doing. at least you're not paying them!)

    and last but not least, i'm soon to add a "currently reading" section to my blog and will make a short post announcing its arrival as well as giving credit to you as source of the idea. just though you might be interested in knowing.

  2. You also were my inspiration for my "currently reading" sidebar on my blog :-)